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The State of Georgia has a tool which can be used to form a map of causes of death for various age groups by county. The tool is known as OASIS and can be found at


To:          All Directors 

               Zoned 911 Services   EMS Transport and First Responders

From:     Kim Littleton, Executive Director, Ga Association of EMS

Date:       June 15, 2018

Subject:  Grant Opportunity- Time Sensitive Deadline

The Georgia Association of EMS currently has EMR - First Responder/EMTB grant dollars available to fund First Responder/EMTB courses across the State.  The First Responder/EMTB grants are made possible by funding provided through the Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission.  While all 911 zoned EMS Services and 911 zoned 911 Medical First Responders are eligible to apply for the grant, priority will be given to those services willing to quickly complete the course approval requirements and conduct the program within the contract period allowed.

 Please read this entire document.

To be eligible for this funding your application must be completed online (ONLY) utilizing the Survey Monkey application at

Deadline for Accepting Applications  July 10, 2018.

The First Responder EMTB Grant

This is a competitive grant and will be awarded to the 911 zoned services that score the highest on the grant scoring instrument.  Only the above mentioned zoned 911 services will be eligible for the grant.  The service may work with another agency to provide the course but the GAEMS will deal only with the Service and the Director of the Service will be the person accountable as it pertains to the grant.  If a county does not have an ambulance service in the county, then the ambulance service that provides the EMS coverage will be the agency eligible for the grant.  However, the class should be taught in the county listed on the application.  No individual county or zone will be eligible for more than one grant unless there are fewer requests than courses available.  In the event of a tie we will give points to the service who has returned their application first.  If there remains a tie, we will add points for distance to a level one or two trauma center from the EMS primary base station.

The total dollar amount of each grant will vary depending on the number of students who are enrolled/graduuating in the first responder/EMTB class.  The initial class roster must have a minimum number of 12 students to be eligible for this grant while the maximum number we will reimburse for is 25 students on the ending roster.  You may elect to have more than 25 students in the class however, we will only reimburse for a maximum of 25 students. Each course must be approved through the course approval process as developed by the State Office of EMS and Trauma.  To receive funding, we must receive a letter from the Regional Coordinator stating that your class is an approved class along with the course number. Students may elect to challenge the National Registry examination; however, the examination is not required and the grant will not reimburse expenses for challenging the exam.

To apply for this grant, you do not need to have prior course approval.  If you receive the grant, due to time constraints on grant funding, you will be expected to move quickly to obtain course approval through SOEMS/T and conduct the course immediately. 


All course funding will be handled through the reimbursement process as follows: 

If you are a successful applicant:

The Grant funding will consist of the following:

Upon GAEMS receiving your fully completed Official GAEMS Roster

             GAEMS will:

1)      reimburse for Textbooks (you must send a copy of your book invoice) according to the number of students you have listed on your initial course roster to a maximum of EMR Books $104.45 each or   EMT Books  $111.74  

      if your book invoice reflects that the books you ordered cost less than the quoted price  above you will be paid according to the price per book on your invoice

   Or Upon Request

GAEMS would provide for EMR Courses -  Emergency Medical Responder:Your First Response in Emergency Care 6th Edition  American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons or for EMT Courses  Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured  11th Edition American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons According to the number of students listed on your Official GAEMS Roster

Upon course completion and GAEMS receiving your fully completed Official GAEMS Roster

            GAEMS will

1)      issue instructor payment of  $1,440.00

 (An approved roster format will be provided that will be used for both the beginning and ending rosters for the course.  No other roster format will be accepted)

  • The GAEMS will provide each successful student with a jump bag and a safety vest.   This will be done after we have verification of successful completion of the course and we have received a copy of the official course roster of successful students. The jump bag and safety vest will be sent to the sponsoring organization and it will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to disperse the jump bags and vest to student
  • For the EMT B course You may request a variance.  In place of the Jump Bags for each graduating student the Service could receive the funding that would have been utilized to purchase the Jump Bags to assist with Instructor cost.  The Variance MUST be made prior to the course, on Service Letterhead and submitted to the EMS Sub-Committee for approval.  The Safety Vest would be ordered and sent to the Service for student distribution.

The grant application may be completed at:

If you have any questions you may contact Cathy White, GAEMS Program Coordinator ( or Kim Littleton, GAEMS Executive Director (

**Click here for full EMR/EMT Notification Letter **


 This Program is made possible by State of Georgia funding provided through the 

Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission  






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