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EMS Administration:

HIPAA*  The official Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act from the Department of Health & Human Services Office for Civil Rights website.  This is the definitive source for HIPAA regulations, including privacy issues.

Medicare Ambulance Services Homepage
*  The official ambulance services homepage of the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.  This website includes the  Medicare fee schedules that were previously posted on this website.

Description: C:\Users\owner\Desktop\pdficon.gifGeorgia Medicaid Part 2 Rules and Regulations   Official rules and regulations of Georgia's Medicaid program as applicable to EMS providers.  113K PDF file; 17 pages. (see below for PDF tips before clicking this link)

 Region 1 EMS Zoning Plan

Region 1 EMS Communications Plan

Region 1 EMS Mutual Aid Pact

Hospital Capabilities 2017

 Georgia EMS Law 31-11

Georgia 911 Plan

Georgia EMS Rules and Regulations

Georgia Mental Health Act

Draft Pharmacy Policy.doc

New AHA Acute Ischemic Stroke Guidelines


EMS Education:

Official Georgia EMS Guidelines (PDF format) This document contains 209 pages and includes both adult and pediatric guidelines.



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