20 YEAR EMS VETERANS   

                     Pediatric Call of the Year                                                                                        Medical Call of the Year

              Jennifer Henderson, Leslie Mauldin                                                     Val Hice, Lt. Rick Baechtel, Brian Cowart, Scott Deal, Corey Deal, Charles Corbett

     Dr A. Richard Gray Memorial Excellence in Trauma                                                                    Dr. Virginia Hamilton Special Achievement

Sandra Gray and Rodney Jones presented by Edith Gray                                                                                      Robin Nagle

         Danny Hall Memorial Medic of the Year                                                                     Stanley Payne Memorial EMS Director of the Year

               Mark Bramblett and Scott Deal                                                                         Robert Early presented by Betty Payne and Corey Payne

                              Special Recognition                                                                       Mike Miller Memorial EMS Educator of the Year

Ms. Rachel Murray Office of EMS License Division retired                                       Randall Pierson presented by Marie Miller-Hightower

                  Dr. James H. Creel EMS Pioneer Award                                                                         EMT of the Year

    Ralph McDaniel and Dr. Murray Lumpkin presented by LifeForce                                                   Daniel Helton

                                                                               EMS SERVICE OF THE YEAR

                                                                           FLOYD MEDICAL CENTER EMS