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THIS WEBSITE Is solely own and operated by the NW GA EMS SYSTEMS Inc, a 501C3 corporation. NW GA EMS Systems Inc.  is not a division of, nor directly associated with, the Northwest Georgia Emergency Medical Services Council, the Georgia Office of EMS & Trauma, or Region 1 Office of EMS & Trauma.

The board of directors for NW GA EMS System Inc are EMS Professionals and Associated Stakeholders from around NW Georgia, whose purpose is to receive and distribute funding from various grants and entities for the primary purpose of providing educational opportunities for EMS Agencies located in the 16-county area of Region 1 EMS/Northwest Georgia. Its other function is to solicit donations and provide payment for associated costs of the annual Region 1 EMS Awards Banquet in Northwest Georgia.


The Websites sole purpose is to provide information regarding EMS related information that affects those working in, or associated with, EMS Services, educational entities, and other stakeholders within Northwest Georgia. Some things you may see are information regarding notifications from the GA Office of EMS & Trauma or Regional OEMS office, the NW GA EMS Council, and/or contacts for NW GA EMS Systems Inc, the NW GA EMS Council, the Region 1 OEMS office and/or the GA Office of EMS. This information is solely for assisting these organizations with dissemination of information.

Questions concerning this website or NW GA EMS Systems Inc shall be directed to the Webmaster of this site, and not the Region 1 Office of EMS, GA Office of EMS and Trauma, or the Northwest Georgia EMS Council.



Effective August 15th, 2018, we are pleased to announce that David Newton has been selected and has accepted the position of Deputy Director of the Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma. Mr. Newton began working at the Department of Public Health in July of 2017 as the Cardiac Care Registrar, where he has been working on creating the designation process and the patient registries needed for Georgia’s new Emergency Cardiac Care System. Before joining the Department of Public Health, he taught for nearly 15 years in Paramedic initial education programs and had worked in both hospital and pre-hospital settings. He received his Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Georgia in 2009, and he is currently in candidacy for the Doctor of Public Health degree, also at UGA. David’s specific interest is using an evidence-based approach to advance Georgia’s EMS system, from initial education all the way to field providers and their integration with trauma, stroke and cardiac care systems.


We are pleased to announce that Kelly Joiner has been promoted to the Director of Regional EMS Systems. Mrs. Joiner joined the Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma three years ago as the Regional EMS Director for Region 5, which includes the following counties: Baldwin, Bibb, Bleckley, Crawford, Dodge, Hancock, Houston, Jasper, Johnson, Jones, Laurens, Monroe, Montgomery, Peach, Pulaski, Putnam, Telfair, Treutlen, Twiggs, Washington, Wheeler, Wilcox, and Wilkinson. As the Director of Regional EMS Systems, she will be responsible for the oversight of each of the Regional EMS Directors and the standardization of all activities performed by the Regional EMS offices. Kelly has served the central Georgia EMS community for many years as a Paramedic, and immediately prior to joining the Department of Public Health, she worked at the Medical Center of Central Georgia for seventeen years, first as the Clinical Coordinator for the EMS Department and later as Assistant EMS Director.






Next year is the 40th anniversary of the formation of the EMS Council. Can you locate any of these people for the celebration at the 2019 EMS Awards Banquet?


Established August 15, 1979


County:                Member 1                                                           Member 2___________


Bartow                 Richard A. Griffin III, M.D.***                     Mrs. Cola Mae Vaughan


Catoosa                John O. Wiggins, Attorney                            Roger Bowman


Chattooga           Mike Carmon                                                     Herman E. Spivey, M.D.


Cherokee            John D. Whitmire                                             Steven Pettit


Dade                     Mrs. Patti Connell, RN*                                 Johnny Crabtree


Fannin                  Richard Stanley                                                 Robert Graham


Floyd                     James M. Kelley, M.D.*                                 Stanley Payne


Gordon                John R. McGauley, M.D. *                             W.S. (Buddy) Autry


Gilmer                  J.T. Dale                                                               Vacant


Haralson              Herman A. Cantrell*                                       Mike Ellis


Murray                 Bruce A. Satterfield                                         Larry Ballew


Paulding               James H. Benson*                                           Ms. Hallie Few


Pickens                 Victor E. Vandegriff                                         Herbert T. White


Polk                       Clinton Lester Jr. *                                           Miss Mamie Hammock, RN


Walker                  James H. Creel Jr. M.D.* *                             Robert S. Gammon


Whitfield             Leonard Whaley                                               Conrad H. Easley, M.D.


*** Chairman

** Regional Medical Director

* Executive Committee


Health District 1.1 Health Director            Virginia Hamilton M.D.

Regional EMS coordinator                            Frank Tidwell

EMS Project Director                                      David Loftin














A new webpage has been created to give information on EMS course availability. Please click here to access the page




Dena Abston and David Foster have announced Scott Lewis, B.S., NRP from Hamilton EMS as the EMS Region 1 RTAC Coordinator. Welcome aboard Scott.


***PSA*** ALL GEORGIA TRAUMA HEALTHCARE PERSONNEL: Here are the next 2 FREE Trauma Skills Lab dates and registration information. Come be supportive and learn a tremendous amount!!! I'll always take a few volunteers too.

CARTERSVILLE, GA - Georgia EMS Region 1:…/5th-annual-cartersvil…/

MACON, GA - Georgia EMS Region 5:…/trauma-skills-cadaver…/

All trauma education we support is on our website. Please subscribe and share!! #GTCNC #TraumaSkillsLabs #TeachTrauma #RegisterNow 


EMS Safety Course
November 2, 2018

The Northwest Georgia EMS Systems Inc. in conjunction with Murray EMS is offering the EMS Safety Course on November 2, 2018 at the Murray County Training Center. This course is offered at no cost to participants thanks to funding from a Georgia Trauma Commission grant.

Murray County Training Center
663 GA - 52 Alternate
Chatsworth, Ga 30705

Just take GA - 52. No alternate. GPS will lead you to the wrong location. Take 52 East out of Chatsworth towards Ellijay. The training center is on the left.

Please Contact Mark Bramblett to register.

EMS Safety Course

December 10, 2018

 The Northwest Georgia EMS Systems Inc. in conjunction with Ambucare EMS and Haralson County Fire is offering the EMS Safety Course on December 10, 2018 at West Georgia Technical College. This course is offered at no cost to participants thanks to funding from a Georgia Trauma Commission grant. 

West Georgia Technical College - Murphy Campus

176 Murphy Campus Blvd
Waco, GA 30182

Upstairs – back hallway of the main building. Room 2127B


Please Contact Randy Pierson to register.


GEMSIS Elite Regional Workshops


Target Audience: All EMS Licensed Agencies in Georgia; Directors and Data Managers, EMS Initial Education Program Directors

Description: This workshop is for all licensed EMS agencies, whether you use GEMSIS Elite  as your PCR platform or you import into GEMSIS Elite and EMS Initial Education Program Directors

This workshop is to join together to understand and improve our EMS data collection within Georgia’s EMS system.

We will review:

  • NEMSIS and GEMSIS, Data Dictionaries, resources available
  • The differences between NEMSIS and GEMSIS and how they interface.
  • EMS Data; What is the difference between accurate and valid data?  Why is accurate, valid, timely data important. How is the ems data useful at the local, regional, state and national level.
  • GEMSIS Elite usability for the service that uses GEMSIS for their PCR platform and for the agencies that import
  • GEMSIS Elite Report Writer and capabilities for all services
  • CARES data the next development
  • GEMSIS/NEMSIS  future version

All participants should bring a laptop and have a functioning username/password (access) to GEMSIS Elite for your agency prior to the workshop.

Please register for the meeting you would like to attend using the link below.   Lunch will be provided and catering arrangements are based on the number of people registered to attend the meeting.

​This is the final date

  • Region 5 -  November 2   GPSTC                                                                                                               Forsyth, GA

All classes times 10:00 am  -  3:00 pm with lunch provided​.  Cost is free.
Watch our website for more details on final locations.


This Program is made possible by State of Georgia funding provided through the Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission.


Questions concerning this Grant should be directed to Cathy M. White, Program Coordinator or Kim Littleton, Executive Director.



William Channell is the new Strike Team #2 Strike Team Leader (Floyd, Gordon, Murray & Whitfield Counties) for NW GA EMS DART. He joins Dewayne Wilson (STL 1) Danny West (STL 3) and Carlton Firestone (STL 4) as the DART STL’s…If you are in his Strike team area, please make sure that y’all have each other’s director/supervisor/24 hr contact info in case an activation is needed.




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